Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gross Stuff

I picked Dylan up today from school and asked him how his day went and what he had for lunch.

"Well, they finally found the perfect breakfast for me," he said.

"Really? What was it?"

"It was waffles and they were bigger and not crunchy and oranges," he said.

"Sounds good! What was for lunch?"

"Well, it was a biscuit and chicken nuggets, but they were straight, they make straight chicken nuggets and raisins but I didn't eat the raisins," he said.

"Dylan, you know how you like grapes?"


"Raisins are just grapes that they put in the sun and they dry up," I said.

"Um, mom? Why would they make good food into gross stuff?"


Amy said...

What are straight chicken nuggets?

Jessica said...

They are chicken nuggets that don't have same sex relationships????

No, really they are the ones that aren't in the shape of a dinosaur or a whale or whatever other weird shapes they cut processed chicken into these days.

Amy said...

And he actually said they were straight chicken nuggets? I think I must not remember how old this child really is that he is speaking like that. I am thinking he is still at the age where butt paste is a sought after treat.

Jessica said...

I forget too how old they are.
Elizabeth will be 7 (!!??!) in March, Dylan turns 5 in January and the "baby" Ben will be 3 next May.
Time, it flies.