Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What Go Around Come Around, Kid.

Previously, I discussed how Elizabeth had come down with strep throat and how badly that sucked and the unusual and unorthodox measures she was employing to feel better (aka coating herself in Vicks BabyRub).

The last few days, Dylan has been very irritable and has had a raspy cry. So of course, I think he's sick. I took him to Dr. B. and sure boy has strep throat too! Yahoo!

Out of the five cousins who live in this area, four of them are currently on antibiotics for strep throat. The only one who has escaped is the dirtiest of the bunch. He walks around barefoot, covered in filth, he eats off the floor, he's just a dirty dirty kid. Sweet, but filthy.

I can only assume that his exposure to every known toxin in the world has pumped up his immune system so much that he is virtually unassailable at this point.
It's the only rational explanation.
All the other cousins are trading sickness like Pokemon cards. You get RSV, I'll take strep throat! Deal!

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Jessey said...

My nephew, the dirty one, just got treated for an infection in his finger. He got the infection from, in short, picking his nose.