Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Controversial Than Britney's Possibly Budding Belly

I swear, I get more hits on my blog from these previous posts on the Duggar Family than anything else.
Most of my regular readers agree with me that something is slightly strange about this large brood, but most people who visit my blog based on searches for information about the Duggars think that we are mean and "ugly" for disparaging these folks.
In all fairness, it is pretty cool that they built their own huge house without incurring debt, and I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to have a big family. I did too, before I had two kids. Now I'm A-OK.
I watched the documentary on the Duggars on television this weekend, and now having seen how the family operates first hand I gotta say, there is something seriously mental about those people.
There's just something slightly off. The mother isn't even 40 and has had 16 kids. Sixteen! She's been pregnant 14 times in 18 years. That's almost TWELVE YEARS of pregnancy! Twelve years!
I've been pregnant twice in the last 33 months, that's 20 out of 33 months that I've been with child, so 60 percent of the time, give or take, and I'm tired and worn out from it. Michelle Duggar has spent 66 percent of her time pregnant vs. non-pregnant, but over the last EIGHTEEN YEARS!
That's crazy. Crazy. She must either be so tired her brain is melting and thus she doesn't know how crazy she is or she is so crazy she doesn't realize how tired and crazy she is.

While I was watching the show about their house and it got to the part where they revealed the parents' bedroom to them, I was thinking to myself: "For the love of all that is holy, please let them have separate beds!"
What I can't figure out is how they find any time at all to procreate what with all those kids running around. I can barely get it done with just TWO kids, and the last time my husband and I "got together" the baby cried the whole time. Very sexy.
So, in summary...sorry Duggar family supporters, but those parents are a bit on the nutty side. And however well behaved their kids are and however cool it is that they are debt-free, I'm sticking to that opinion.


Amy said...

I saw part of that documentary the other day too. And she wants more kids! I just don't understand how you can want to have that many kids. Can you really have a meaningful relationship with all of them? I mean seriously, can you?

Jessey said...

I totally thought the same thing. Like maybe those first few kids actually got some attention, maybe. But those last 12 or so, I don't see how they get any time at all. I barely have enough time for my TWO kids, and I worry about that. With 16, how do you ever spend any time with any kid when you're not mopping or folding laundry or making a giant batch of cornbread.
I don't know how you keep all those kids straight!
My mom is one of six and her dad can't get her name straight half the time...
"Ronnie? Connie? Bonnie."
I'm one of two, and my mom calls me Greg (my brother's name) sometimes, usually when I'm being really annoying like him.
And that's just TWO kids getting all mixed up...