Friday, April 07, 2006

Lortab is Crack

After the yanking of the tooth, the dentist prescribed my husband a pain reliever called Lortab

This drug is supposed to make you tired and sluggish and sort of out of it. It's a friggin narcotic akin to Vicodin for crying out loud!

Anyway, today was the first day post extraction, and the first day on Lortab. My husband went INSANE!
He went out and cleared the whole yard of pine needles (we have an acre of land), rearranged the rocks that line the driveway, watered every living thing on the property, hauled garbage around, cleaned debris from the manzanitas (which are like magnets for trash) etc etc.
He spent ALL day outside cleaning and clearing and making the yard nice looking.

In his defense the yard looks fabulous...however...

My husband is now borderline crippled. He threw out his back, he's sick to his stomach, he's tore up.

For some reason, Lortab, instead of making him sleepy, acts like crack right to his dome. He's nutso on the stuff.
After he crashed from his Lortab high, he swore he was never going to take it again.
It's very scary.
I kept telling him to rest and relax, but it was like he could NOT do it.
Hopefully, he'll sleep a ton tonight and be able to relax tomorrow.
I guess drugs affect different people in different ways.
I'm thinking of stashing some of those Lortabs to use when I need stuff cleaned up, because it really works as a motivating tool :) I kid.


Amy said...

Okay that is *not* as funny as my husband asking to take the gauze out every 10 seconds and trying to make me do it. Did he take the pills again?

Jessey said...

Bob has had gauze issues also, but thankfully, beyond purchasing the gauze, I have stayed out of it altogether.
I believe that he stopped taking the pills, but then again, I was gone all day.
I know that when I got home, he was passed maybe he's FINALLY taking it easy!

Chris said...

There are all sorts of reactions to medicine. The hard core narcotics like that tend to just make me feel a dull ache, but not knock me out or hype me up.

Amy said...

Oh and your husband looks very manly rugged. He would fit in very well up here in case you ever want to move!

Sar said...

Eek, that's no fun, but just think he'll be justified in relaxing for the next month because did at least that amount of yard work. Hope your hubby's feeling better (noticed his Raider's hat - my hubby's a Raider's fan too!).

Btw, congrats on placing in the caption contest winner's circle, Jessey! :)