Saturday, May 13, 2006

Britney, for the love of God! Stop procreating!

This week the world's worst kept secret was confirmed - Britney Spears is knocked up, again.

Brit visited Letterman on Tuesday to spill the fetal beans, and it's taken me four whole days to come to terms with the truth.
First of all, WHY would a benevolent God allow Kevin Federline to continue to populate the earth with his chipmunk children?

Secondly, will Britney EVER get her hot bod back? Not after having two kids in ONE YEAR! Not bloody likely. Her fake hair looks nice though.

Thirdly, Britney is having TWO KIDS in ONE YEAR! Her second will be born around the time of SPF's FIRST birthday. That's crazy! That's worse than Irish twins!

I just can't believe this damn Britney Spears. Her mom needs to duct tape her knees together.
Federline needs a vasectomy, for the good of the world. Jeebus Rice.


Freebird said...

Why she would want a second kid with that loser is beyond me and there's no way she's ever getting that body back.

Amy said...

Don't forget she is rich, she can pay to get it back. He is just potent!

cube said...

I told you she would dump Federline as soon as she had the number of kids she wanted. She had to put up with the leech only long enough to get the kids. It didn't take long with his extremely potent sperm.

And she's young & rich enough to get the body back.

cube said...

OMG Britney's hasty motherhood is the closest thing you're going to have to a Mother's Day post... so I'll have to say it here...

Happy Mother's Day, Jesse!