Monday, June 05, 2006

Picture Day

This morning we are going to Walmart to get Dylan's "formal" pictures taken. He just turned 5 months old on Friday and he can ALMOST sit up by himself, so it's time.
I went on Friday to make the appointment and made SURE that he would be photographed by the manager of the photo studio, who's GREAT and takes great pictures, as opposed to one of her legion of photofatties who don't understand babies, how babies work or how to make a baby smile and who don't keep their eye on the baby so they can snap an impromptu smiley face instead of always snapping pics of a froggy face. We've done that before and all it results in is wasted time and annoyance.

All I have to do today is pick a cute outfit and trust in the work of Joie, the Walmart portrait studio manager. I'm confident that things will turn out fine, which probably means I'll be horribly disappointed.

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