Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Britney Spears is BACK!!!!!

First she appears on Letterman looking great (I told you stress was a great diet!) and now THIS!

Oh joy of joys!
She's divorcing the Federline!
Too bad it took her two years and two kids to figure out that he's a no talent hack, golddigging, good-for-nothing, worthless ratfaced SCUMBAG!

Ah, I feel the world is gonna be OK. Saddam's gonna hang, the letters to God are NOT going on EBay and Britney's gonna be free of that washed-up never-was!

Somewhere, Shar Jackson is wagging her finger: "I told you so!"


Amy said...

That really is just sad, I wish she could've figured it out before she had the second kid. But I guess that's why she stuck around so long, seeing as she was surprised by the second kid.

Freebird said...

We all knew that wasn't gonna last. I hope that loser doesn't get any dime.