Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Last night before I picked up the kids from daycare I stopped off at the market and among other things I bought a bunch of those magic capsules that turn into sponges when you put them in water.
They are going to be prizes for Elizabeth when she gets her act together and potty trains at home as well as she does at school.

We did one as a practice last night in a glass of water. Elizabeth was AMAZED! She freaked out in fact.

So, I'm thinking this will be good incentive to potty train, getting to make a dinosaur sponge.

Unfortunately, the whole thing just reinforced Elizabeth's idea that every time anyone goes out of the house, they should bring her back a prize.

This morning when Bob left for work she told him "I love you! Have a great day! Get me some prizes!"



Amy said...

Ha! My mom used to bribe me with prizes when I was learning to tinkle in the toilet. Once she had nothing except a coloring book, and I told her that was not good enough. I can't imagine what she was giving me that a 2-year-old thought a coloring book was insufficient.

Maybe you should give her surprises at random, tell her she'll never know when the next prize for peeing in the toilet will happen, so she'll just have to keep at it. That's what they say to do for dogs. And so if you are insulted I am giving kiddie advice with dog advice, then just use it for Sawyer!

Oh! But I do have a good potty training tip for dogs - abandon it for three months. Worked for me!

Jessica said...

I forgot to tell the story of how Elizabeth got changed to the potty trained rate at daycare (which saves us $3 a day) and we asked her, why don't you poop in the potty at home? To which she replied "The teachers are mean!" to which we replied "We can be meaner!"

Then I told her that if she pooped in the potty we would have a big ice cream party, which was exciting to her, but the full impact of that was lessened by Bob's compulsive need to eat ice cream every night and share it with her...it sort of takes the shine off the prize, you know?

My housebreaking is going OK. There have been slip ups, but I'm just trying to keep my eye on the dog (and the kids and the house) all day and toss him outside when he looks dumpy.
So far, only TWO misses! Whee haw!