Friday, May 11, 2007

EXTREME Fat Smash - One week update

So I've been doing the Extreme Fat Smash diet for a week now...
It's been going well. The first few days I was starving! I munched on celery all day practically. But now I've adjusted to the new lower caloric intake.
Oh, that and I cheat.
Shhh. Don't tell Harvey the drill sergeant!
I don't cheat that badly. I still eat healthy crap. I still eat the right portion sizes. I still do the exercise. And that's all that matters, right?

It's working. I've already lost six pounds! In a week!!!
Just 24 more to go to reach my goal! Whoooooooo!

It's helps that Elizabeth asks me while I'm exercising "WHY are you working out? Are you fat?"
And I have to say, "yeah....." sob sob sob.


Anonymous said...

My sister didn't say there were portion sizes. She said just eat until your full. How many calories a day is the diet supposed to be?


Maribeth said...

Way to go! Congrats on losing the six. Keep up the good work.

Jessica said...

I don't know about the regular Fat Smash, but this is the EXTREME!
Every day there's a menu in the book and you are supposed to eat exactly what and how much they tell you (4 oz of lean meat, 1 cup of beans, etc etc.)
I have NO idea how many calories per day it is supposed to be, and it doesn't say in the book. But I'd guess it's around 1200.

I cheated badly today and ate a BK Chicken sandwich. But it was grilled so that's healthy-ish. I'm usually very good, so one super bad cheat day is ok, right?

Anonymous said...

Huh, on regular fat smash you can't eat meat for 9 days. So now I am totally confused and wondering why I'm even bothering.

Jessica said...

Do the extreme! it works, if you can stand salad. :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I didn't bring enough of the bean salad I made last night and so went to the store to buy a piece of fruit. They had nothing good, so I bought cheese and swung by hubby's to munch on his nuts. And then come back and re-read my sister's e-mail, where it clearly says "No Nuts, no cheese." And I had already planned to cheat by eating chicken tonight. Off to a great start.

Jessica said...

Yeah, it's freaking tough. No nuts, no cheese (not even cottage cheese!), no peanut butter...
But I have lost about eight pounds so far. It's worth it.