Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ghost of the Coyote Trail

Oh my gosh did we have fun!
Seriously! I'm not being at all sarcastic! Seriously.

The trail in totality is 16 miles in a loop. We are not crazy people and we have small children. We probably hiked up the trail a half mile and then back to the car. In between, we picnicked under a shady tree.

Yes, Elizabeth fell down and got scraped up and scratched on a tree...but she only cried a little.
And yes, Dylan lagged behind on the trail so often that we started calling him Dyl-Lag. Heh.

We hardly saw any wildlife, which is to say, besides my own children I saw none. Bob saw a jackrabbit right as we reached the trailhead, but I saw neither hide nor hair of that hare.

Ben was content in the wrap the whole time. He came out to join the picnic and just hung out. Hardly heard a peep from him.
In fact, Ben and I were the only ones who wanted to keep hiking when Bob and the biggers decided they were DONE and wanted to turn back. Quitters!

Big fun was had by all.
Here are the evidentiary pics:

Gin anyone? These are juniper berries.
Turkey Tank-queray!

Elizabeth at the picnic.

Dylan and Bob at the picnic.

Mommy and Benjamin at the picnic. Another *great* hair day for me! There's the sarcasm!

Benjamin at the picnic.

Dylan lags behind on the trail.

Elizabeth's outfit, which I did NOT select, was very "Debutante on Safari" and reminded me of Jane from the Disney cartoon movie Tarzan. Anyone?

Dylan's outfit, on the other hand, was more suited to falling down on the trail and climbing into trees...which he did.

Here they all are packing out our picnic! Porter Mountain and the mountains that make up the ski resort are in the very distant background.

Bob and Elizabeth check out the trail map at the trailhead. Oddly, we did this LAST. We had already been there and knew the trail.

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