Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July!

I've spent most of the day watching the Revolutionary War shows on The History Channel. I'm a dork like that I guess!
It's actually a very interesting chapter of world history and of course American history, it being the birth of a nation and so forth and so on...

Bob took the big kids to see the fireworks about an hour ago, leaving me here with Big Ben. He's quite a cranky boy in the afternoons lately and by afternoon I mean from noon until 9 pm. He finally went to sleep about a half hour ago. Whew!
The kids and Bob are watching the fireworks from TWO town shows at the same time. How? They drove out to the Mogollon Rim, about 15 minutes from our house, which is a higher elevation and so they can see a very big area of the White Mountains. Elizabeth just called me to inform me that they are having a great time!
I can hear the pop, pop, pop sounds from inside the house (and we are EASILY 10 miles away from any major fireworks show) but I can only see flashes reflecting off the clouds. Bummer.

Tomorrow we are having a BBQ at our house for the Fourth. Only a few people will be coming over, very low-key. Mostly Bob's work pals and their wives.
Usually we spend the Fourth in Hatch, Utah with all our family, Bob's grandpa and dad and brothers and sister and their families.
This is the first Fourth in six years that we aren't in Hatch. So, I'm sort of sad to be home. Is that weird?
I must be crazy to say "I'm sad to be sleeping in my own bed instead of in the basement of a house on the highway over 400 miles away." But I am. Hatch is great, especially around the Fourth.
We'll make do.

So Happy Fourth of July everyone!
I'm proud as all heck to be an American, where at least I know I'm free!

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eaf said...

Happy Fourth! I know it sucks to break tradition, but I'm sure the kids will think just as fondly on this fourth as any other. :-)