Friday, October 24, 2008

Buh Bye Baby Stuff

There are several things going on at the Evans Homestead presently...the most apparent of which is something I like to call The Great Baby Stuff Purge!
Since we're not having another baby, we can now safely dispose of, donate, lend out and hand down ALL the baby clothes, gear and accessories.
Thankfully, fate and fortune have aligned and there are no less than five pregnant ladies who are currently in the circle of trust.
A few of these ladies don't really need the donations, and are so far away as to make it not feasible, but they are still in the circle and shall be acknowledged! Shout out to AM and Mer!

Locally we have three four! available drop off points for baby stuff...a friend of mine, a mom from Elizabeth's class (oh wait, two moms!) and our possible future SIL. Sigh.
I'm also a big huge fan of bagging up clothes and donating them to Salvation Army or Big Brothers Big Sisters (which is huge up here) and letting them figure out what to do with them.
I'd estimate that I donate 6 bags (giant trash bags) full of clothes every year. We also GET a lot of hand-me-downs. I also donate shoes and silly toys we hate or are far too loud and annoying...etc. etc. Nice tax write-off, not that I need it.

Currently in our front room are two huge gift bags full of boy baby clothes, a baby bouncer seat, a swing, a bassinet and several assorted huge baby toys for my brother in law's impending infant. Yes! We FINALLY moved Ben out of the bassinet, which he outgrew oh, two months ago. Whoops!

Also ready to be lent out is a very nice port-a-crib which is slated to go to my friend Mandi after she moves into her new house.

This is very sad to me, since giving away my baby stuff is like saying all over again NO MORE BABIES. However, all these new babies coming into the world who I can enjoy and play with and snuggle and then go home without them, I like that too.

Which leads me to...I hate these celeb-moms who have a baby and then two months later are all skinny and flab free. F-off! Jessica Alba! I'm talking to you!
I wasn't model thin before kids, nor was I perfect in EVERY way, but still. My body is a hot mess now after three pregnancies in five years. A. Hot. Mess.

This morning I yawned in front of a full length mirror...never a good look even when you are Angelina Jolie. Anyway, my shirt crept up as I stretched, revealing the sad affair that is my tummy.
I better get a piggy bank and start saving now for my plastic surgery...seriously. That tummy is totally not acceptable.
I don't want to look 15 again (maybe I do) and there's no way I ever could...too many bones to break to put me back together that tight ever again. But crap. Could I not look like I was just run over repeatedly with a meat tenderizer? That would rock.

Ben is 5.5 months old and it's time for me to seriously get back to working out, for reals. For REALLY REALS! Finally get this 20 pounds OFF of me! Then maybe try for 10 more.
Then when I finally DO hit the lottery/win at the casino/hit oil in my yard and have my fortune amassed I'll have that much less to do in the way of plastic surgery and I can spend my dollaz on bling.


Ann said...

Sad, so sad, but yet, happy so happy b/c it means sleeping again and only a few more years of diapers. Glad you have lots of preggo friends to share your loot with--makes it easier to part with when it has a good home to go to.

Meredith said...

I know I owe you an email, but I am seriously set on the baby stuff! Especially with #2 being another boy, I am drowining in clothes. Since Brendan is grandkid numero uno we have a TON of stuff. Seriously.

I hear you on being sad, since according to my husband this is my last baby, but I am also looking forward to the days of no more diapers and full nights' sleeps. Love your face!

Jessica said...

I hear you Mer. With Ben being the second boy and last baby...we've got TONS of baby stuff. Literally TONS.
I have more boys clothes than I know what to do with. I guarantee there are outfits that will never see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure your stomach is not that bad. It could probably be much, much worse. Like, what if you'd had all three babies at once? I bet THAT would have totally stretched it so that you'd look like somebody who got gastric bypass surgery with the skin flaps.

Anne Marie said...

Thanks for the shout out, J... and I'm right there with you and Mer. We've got way too much baby gear... and with #3 being a girl, I've got no more need for the baby boy stuff. Unless... for some reason our sonogram tech guy was pulling a fast one on us, and we end up having a boy... then I will be desperately calling you to ship me some boy's stuff STAT!

Jessica said...

That would be QUITE a blunder!
You know I would totally have your back!

Andrea said...

I recently did the baby purge myself. I went kind of crazy and got rid of almost everything! No more clothes, no bumbo, no boppy, no swing, no double stroller, no jumperoo. All gone! And then I got on the workout tip and finally lost my Ava pre-pregnancy weight from two and a half years ago. Only 8 more pounds to go to get to Drew pre-baby weight. Oh, and I don't know if I ever told you that Dan and I worked out a deal. If we don't have any more kids I get to have a boob lift! It will save us money in the long run!

Jessica said...

Lifting up the spice rack, a great plan!
I want one too. And a butt lift and a belly smush!

I bet if I trained for half marathons I'd lose weight too!
I am actually only 12 pounds over my wedding weight, which of course is my pre-preg Elizabeth weight.