Friday, October 03, 2008

Kindness Helper

At Elizabeth's school each kid picks a job to do every day.
Some of the jobs are line leader, table setter, fish feeder, song leader...there's even a job where the kid gets to be the puppet Chef Combo and tell the kids what is on the menu for snack and lunch.

But by far Elizabeth's most favorite job is Kindness Helper.
Probably because it involves a magical princess wand.
The Kindness Helper, at a designated part of the school program, waves the Kindness Wand over all the children and thus infuses them with Kindness for the day.

I think it's a sweet job and Elizabeth is well suited for it. She loves magic wands and she loves telling people what to do. Checkity check.

She's so enamored of being Kindness Helper that she rushes over to the job board to secure her nametag to it under the Kindness Helper banner every morning.
Yesterday on the way home from school we had the following discussion...

Me: Don't you think it would be kind to let another kid be Kindness Helper one day?
E: Oh yes. Yes yes.
Me: So what other job do you think you want to do? Line leader? Song leader??
E: No. Just Kindness Helper.
Me: But I thought you just said it would be nice to let someone else try it?
E: I just can't do it.
Me: Why not?

That last part was all it again if you have to get the full effect.

So, Her Royal Highness of Kindness then proceeded to tell me about the "bad kid" in her class.
We'll just call him M. to protect his fragile four year old identity.

E: M. was so bad today. He pushed a whole line!
Me: That's terrible. What are we going to do about this?
E: Throw him in the Dumpster!
Me: (Laughing so hard I can barely drive) What?!
E: Yep! Throw him in! And his mom!!
Me: (more laughing) Why? His mom too! That's pretty harsh!
E: So what! They can eat garbage!!

Ha! Kindness my ass!

OH! This was just explained to me...
When she waves the wand over the children and gives them kindness, she does NOT wave it over herself also. Ah ha!


Jessica said...

Elizabeth is hilarious. LOVE LOVE LOVE her quotes!

Anne Marie said...

I second that- I was laughing out loud at the "Throw him in the dumpster!" Hilarious.

Jessica said...

I seriously almost drove off the road at that one!