Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lady parts?!?!

Last night was girl rebeautification night at our house.
After the boys went to bed, Elizabeth and I decided to paint our toenails and fingernails.
I chose navy blue toenail polish and pale pink fingernails. Elizabeth, ever the fashionista, chose a robin's egg blue for her toes and straight out of the '80s HOT pink for her fingers.
I saw that shade in Seventeen magazine back in 1987 aka the heyday of fluorescence.

As I'm trimming her raggedy fingernails (and she's throwing a first class hissy fit) her dad, no doubt attracted by the smell of acetone, popped his head in the doorway.

Ever the actress, Elizabeth kicked her fit up a notch.

"Owwww, ow, ow, ow! It huuuuurts!" she sobbed.
I shot her dad a look. The look said, "Draaaama!"
Dad said...
"Well...sometimes it hurts your lady parts to look good."

"Lady parts?!?" I said, laughing. "Fingernails are lady parts??"

"No. You know what I mean!" he said and hastily retreated.

"That's going in the blog!!!" I hollered after him.


Jessica said...

I always say that to Dave!!! Most of the time I forget so it doesn't actually happen but every time he says something funny he gets that threat... er, promise. :)

Jessica said...
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cube said...

Nail polish? I can't believe how big that child has gotten.

Maribeth said...

Lady parts?!?! LOVE IT! Although never thought of the nail beds as lady parts...

Jessica said...

Jess: Yes, I threaten to blog everything. He knows I'm only serious 50 percent of the time and only follow through about 50 percent of THAT 50 percent.

"Lady parts" just HAD to be blogged though! In his defense, I did forget that he mumbled something about cuticles after the lady parts comment. Though, duh, we ALL have cuticles! Man, woman and child!

CUBE!!: Where have you been!!?!
Yes, she is quite a big girl now. She'll be FIVE in March. I'm so not prepared!

Maribeth: Aren't dads funny?