Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Scottsdale Weekend, Part II

We arrived at the hotel and rested then enjoyed a morning at the zoo!

Before we go further I should add that I love the Phoenix Zoo. It is great for kids. But it is a LOT of walking, especially when you are pushing 70+ pounds of kids in the double stroller and they won't walk for NOTHING!
I kept trying to tell them to walk over to the very next exhibit, they would have none of it.
They preferred their conveyance, thankyouverymuch!

We were very lucky though, in that we got to see the zoo employees give the jaguar a jack o'lantern stuffed with lemongrass as a toy. That was hilarious. We got there early enough that we hit most of the exhibits before it got mad crowded. We did save the zoo trifecta (lions, tigers, giraffes) for last though and that got a bit insane.

By far the most favorite exhibit was the walk through monkey habitat. Dylan is still talking about it.

Ok...after the zoo we went to the BK Lounge for lunch then back to the hotel. I forgot my bathing suit, so my mom took the kids swimming in the jacuzzi. I tried to put the baby down for a nap but he wasn't having it.
After a hotel restaurant dinner we were all tired and ready to sleep. We were scheduled to check out on Sunday morning, but my mom decided to stay one more night so we could go to the RailFair on Sunday.
Dylan LOVES trains and we skipped the zoo train ride causing him to wail "my traaaaaaaaiiiiin" all the way out the yeah, we sort of owed him a train ride.

RailFair was close by, right up the street, and after our complimentary breakfast we headed to the traaiiiiins!

There were tons of model train enthusiasts with their trainscapes all set up. We were checking out one HUGE model and because I'm so funny I said...

"Look, I can see where Beetlejuice lives."

Ha ha ha. Oh boy. That was a good one.

Then we stumbled onto a Thomas the Tank Engine setup. Holy moses. Thomas is the second coming of Christ apparently. Dylan went berserk!
"IT'S THOMASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So we stood there looking at Thomas go around and around for about 10 minutes.

We finally convinced Dylan to leave Thomas and we rode the miniature train that travels around the park. It was about a 10 minute ride, totally worth the $2 fare.

During RailFair I was only pushing Ben in the little stroller, but I had damaged myself so badly at the zoo the day before that as I'm walking I hear this "POP" and my leg wants to die.
Then I got shooting pains in my hip and was forced to sit down for a second. I have no idea what happened, pinched nerve, pulled muscle whathaveyou, but I limped around like Dr. Gregory House for the rest of that day. At some points I just could not walk at all and had to sit. It was kind of lame.
My mom took the kids over to the bounce houses (free!) while I sat with Ben at the playground and tried not to fall COMPLETELY apart.

And Ben napped while the biggers rode the giant carousel.

We also got to tour a train that was used by four (or five) presidents, mostnotably FDR. Here's my mom and the kids being presidential.

And Ben and I in front of the train.

We spent about three hours there and worked up quite an appetite. Elizabeth decided we should feast on the sumptuous menu items featured at the local Denny's. And so we did!

Next installment: Cocktail party!

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