Friday, February 13, 2009

First School Program!

Because I'm a dorkface and left my camera in the car, I have no pictures of this. But my sister in law does and as soon as I can talk her through the download/upload process I'll put a picture on here!

Anyway...Elizabeth's class had their first little song and dance program last night. It's really just an incentive to get parents to come to the parent committee meeting, but hey, it works!
There's 18 kids in her class and I think all but a couple showed up for the performance, which was great! Her teacher was very nervous that noone would come or that the kids would freak out. Only one little girl had a minor breakdown, so that's a success! It was totally not the kid I thought would freak out either.

Elizabeth did great! Her aunt did her hair all beautiful and curly and like half the family showed up to watch her. Grandpa Mike even braved the freezing windy weather to see her sing!
When the show was all over she got flowers and a big balloon and that just made her day.
I was so proud of her, and proud of Dylan for not causing a ruckus during the show. Yay Dylan!
AND Ben is cutting ANOTHER tooth! He hardly lets me see them, he covers the teeth up with his tongue when I try to catch a glimpse. So getting a picture will be hard I think! Maybe after they pop out all the way?

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