Friday, February 13, 2009


I'm always hearing and seeing funny things. I like to eavesdrop and I'm good at it! I'm short, so people tend to ignore me. I always look frazzled and am toting a million children around, so people assume I'm not paying attention to anything around me. And I have a knack for stumbling into the most ridiculous conversations and situations. It's really brilliant.
Plus, I have a great memory so, no need to write down all the gems I overhear.

These excellent qualities converge to allow me to appear to be, oh I don't know let's say, merely pumping gas into my car and making funny faces at my kids when I am actually listening to this:

Gal trying to buy gas: (drops card into sliding security tray) On number 1 please! (walks away)
Gal in the glass booth: Wait!
Gas buyer: (comes back confused) Yes?
Gal in the booth: You need another card. (Pushes tray back out)
Gas buyer: What? I don't know how this works. (takes card and looks at it)
Gal in the booth: You need a card to PAY for the gas.
Gas buyer: Isn't that what this does? I don't know how it works.
Gal in the booth: No. That just gives you a discount.
Gas buyer: Ohhhhh! So I need to give you cash?
Gal in the booth: Cash works.

The stupid girl tried to buy gas using ONLY her Safeway Club Card. Just when I thought noone could be that dumb. Wow. This wasn't like a 16 year old kid either, which would be moderately forgiveable. This chick was at least my age.

How do you get that far into life and not understand how to buy gas. And furthermore, how do you not understand the sole function of a store discount card.
What did she think, she just got approved for a Safeway credit card??? I mean, really?!?

Oh yea, I laughed about that one.

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Kenna said...

Wow! That is awesome! There are some really bright people around here. Too funny...thanks for the laugh:)