Thursday, March 12, 2009

ANTM: Cycle 12 - Second Elimination

As per usual most of the makeovers fall into one of these categories...with some overlapping...

*Dark haired girl gets bleach blonde hair
*Long haired girl gets pixie cut
*Short haired girl gets super long weave
*Pretty girl gets nice haircut

Oh and Natalie totally punked out. Shit! I thought for sure she'd get eliminated just based on being a lame-o but her picture came out slammin' so she was safe.

Other notes on the makeovers:
I hate the black girl with the bleach blond buzz cut thing, not the girl herself but the style.
I like Fo's haircut, even though she whined about it like a baby
Why'd they take away Aminat's fro?
Kortnie got red hair to complement her fake tan skin? Ha!
Natalie! Stop freaking out!
Teyona - Gheri curl? Really? That's getting re-done!

They did a Cover Girl challenge showcasing the new mascara Eyelights. Which incidentally, I use and really think is neat.
Anyway, the team of Aminat (former fro), Sandra (bleach blonde buzz cut), and Celia (Linda Evangelista esque now) wins and Aminat and Sandra promptly turn on each other at dinner with Sandra calling Aminat trashy and then later at the photo shoot and panel each delighted in the other's struggles. Harsh!

At the photo shoot, the girls had to use light sticks to light themselves for the shot. Some girls did great and looked amazing, some girls gave themselves campfire lighting and ended up looking dreck. Ahem Jessica "I'm much more prettier than half the other girls here" Santiago. Shhh, you're too cocky too soon, this does not bode well for you! Paulina Porizkova said she looked like a monster, I think Paulina is the Simon of this show.

Apart from disparaging some very nice outfits, the panel also made these comments about the girls at panel...

Fo = Is she a model?
Kortnie = Not invested
Nijah = Smile with your eyes girl!
London = Dramatic, in a good way
Allison = Alienesque and fantastic!
Sandra = a new one for me, No tension?
Celia = Fabulous
Jessica = Ugly ugly pic, too mean looking too tense
Tahlia = not enough tension (tension is the new smile with your eyes I guess!)
Natalie = Phenomenal
Teyona = Rocked the photo despite bad hair that needs to be fixed
Aminat = Totally lost in the crowd in the photo

Fo and Jessica ended up in the bottom two. Fo because she cried about her makeover and couldn't work it in the picture. Jessica because she relied on pretty and didn't model she's a beeeyotch!

Jessica got the boot and her parting words included the sentiment that she was STILL much prettier than all the other girls.
Didn't you get that memo Jess? Pretty doesn't cut it in Top Model. You've got to put pretty on the picture yo!

Tune in next week! Who will be eliminated?

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