Monday, February 22, 2010


Yesterday afternoon
Kids and Bob were playing outside
Mom and I were playing cards at the kitchen table.

Dylan runs in...

Dylan: I want something to eat!
Mom: I'll cut you up some apples.
Me: Dylan, do you want caramel dip with that?
Dylan: (getting into the fridge) Where IS the dip?
Me: All the dips are outside.
Dylan: (after a long pause) Well, ONE of the dips is inside!


Susie said...

Too cute!!

Ammara said...

lovely! u r very fortunate to have these angels!

Kenna said...

He is hilarious! I miss seeing you guys all the time :(

Anonymous said...

Was he referring to himself, or to you?

Jessica said...

Ha ha! HE was referring to the actual dip. The caramel dip.
He's not that savvy yet. But we set him up well.